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    We help you find the perfect talents to embody your brand and values.


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    We believe in everyone’s unique and remarkable talent and we strive to make it shine over the creative industry.


    We empower brands and talents by reinventing collaborative creation using technology.


    We deliver an on the go experience that matches inspiring mindful brands with unique models for impactful and differentiating marketing campaigns.


    We are passionate about making the industry more responsible and efficient.


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    What you will get from the app.

    Most diverse pool of reliable talents at the right price

    We have the widest and most diverse pool of talents across the World in our platform. It is a great chance to get access to models that reflect your values and embody your brand.

    A balanced mix of technology and ethics

    Elytiz aims at building a professional and reliable ecosystem. We only make money if models do and if our customers are 100% happy.

    Transparent, respectful and fair by design

    We believe every gig should be fairly priced. This implies a transparent selection, fewer intermediaries and market prices as well as positive and respectful interactions between brands and talents.

    An inclusive engaged player in the creative industry

    We value diversity and uniqueness and make the industry's standards move towards more inclusiveness and mindfulness. We believe that only mindful and responsible brands will get a real competitive edge in the future. Change can only happen with you.

  • They trusted us

    "I came across Elytiz on Instagram and got in touch for a future product launch. The staff was responsive and understood our needs and budget constraints. They were able to send me talents I wouldn't have found otherwise. I'm glad I found them." Anonymous.

    "As a production company, we are constantly looking for talents to match our customer's needs. It takes us time and energy, and our deadlines are always tight. Having Elytiz as a solution is a relief for me." +Max production.

    "We are building an ethical clothing line and needed models that would challenge the status quo of the industry. We promote body positivity but were struggling to find trained models that would reflect the diversity we celebrate. Elytiz helped us find professional models that help us differentiate and promote our values." Justin, founder of Ethical Fashion

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